Club History of RCNkwazi

The history of the Rotary Club of Nkwazi, dates back to the year 1985, during the reign of the late PDG Chris Oparacha, of the Rotary Club of Lusaka Central. At that time there were only three Rotary Clubs in existence in Lusaka, namely, Lusaka; Lusaka Central and Maluba, all of which were Lunch clubs.

DG Chris felt a strong need for a fourth Club in the capital considering the rapid growth in the population and affluence of the City of Lusaka. He therefore decided to appoint Rtn Vijay Bhambri, from Lusaka Central as his Special Representative, charged with the responsibility of the formation of a new Rotary Club in  Lusaka. From the outset, it was decided that the new Club should be an evening Club to provide variety and wider choice of attendance.

In July 1985, the first informal meeting to plant the seed for a new Club, was held at Hotel Intercontinental, presided over by, then DG, Chris Oparacha.

And so it was that from September 1985, the new Provisional Club of Nkwazi, commenced to hold regular weekly meetings at Hotel Intercontinental, under the guidance of Rtn Vijay Bambri.

Some of the first attendants of the new emerging club, were the following; Peter Bade, and Rainer Bartram, both of whom were already members of Lusaka Central. Others were; Patrick Chisanga, Rajiv Dewan, (who now owns Shreeji Investments, among other businesses), Silverio Chimuka, Mike Mweemba,(who now lives and works in the USA),  Suresh Govil, Subash Arora, Marcel Kanungwe, Jonathan Kalonga, to name some of them.

After several months of meeting as a provisional club, the new ROTARY CLUB OF NKWAZI was officially chartered by RI on 18th March, 1986, with Rtn Peter Bade, a German national, as it's Charter President.

The following was the composition of the first Board of Directors of the Club for the Rotary year 1986 - 87.

1. Rtn Peter Bade - President (Charter President)
2. Rtn Silverio Chimuka - Vice President and Chairman Club Services Committee .
3. Rtn Rajiv Dewan - Secretary.
4. Rtn Kewal Chadha - Treasurer
4. Rtn Patrick D Chisanga - Director and Chairman International Services Committee .
5. Rtn Rainer Bartram - Director and Chairman of Community Services Committee .
6. Rtn Ashwani Bhambri - Chairman Membership Committee.
7. Rtn Jonathan Kalonga - Chairman Information and Bulletin Committee.
8. Rtn Paavo Stengard - Chairman Fellowship Committee.
9. Rtn Felix Manwachi - Chairman Interact Committee.
10. Rtn Suresh Govil -  Chairman Vocational Services Committee.
11. Rtn Mike Mweemba - Sergeant at Arms. 

The first project, to be undertaken by Nkwazi was to refurbish the Mothers Shelter at the UTH. It was spearheaded by Rainer Bartram as Chairman of Community Services.

On 1st July, 1987 Rtn Patrick D Chisanga took over as the second Club President of Nkwazi . Rajiv Dewan became Vice President, and Rainer Bartram became Secretary of the Club.
Rtn Patrick later went on to serve as District Governor, 9210 for the Rotary year 1998 - 99 the first Rotarian to serve as DG from the Rotary Club of Nkwazi.
He is has since moved up serving at RI Board Committee level in various capacities.

Two other Rotarians from Nkwazi, have also since served as District Governors.
Rtn Nkole Bwalya (now late) served as Governor 2007 - 08,. Rtn Moses Malunda served as Governor, 2010 - 11

To date, Nkwazi has produced 3 District Governors, which is, so far the highest number from any single Club in D 9210.

In 1988 - 89, Charter member, Suresh Govil, was appointed District Secretary - the first Rotarian from Nkwazi to serve as District Secretary. He later also served as Assitant DG. Suresh has since relocated to India where he has continued to enjoy Rotary.

Out of the 25 Odd founding fathers of the Club, only the author of this article, PDG Patrick continues to be a regular member of the Rotary Club of Nkwazi.

Patrick D Chisanga.
February, 2014.